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  • Access to 4 information-packed modules on diet and nutrition, detoxification, cleaning up your environment, and self-care

  • Bonus module on essential oils!

  • A well-designed workbook that's the ideal companion and tool to help you successfully implement the tips and changes recommended in each module.

  • Season's step-by-step roadmap with instruction guides, downloadable eBooks, cheat sheets, shopping lists, and recipes to empower you for living a rich, full life during and after cancer treatment.

  • Information, resources, and practical tools to help minimize the effects of traditional cancer treatment.

  • Lifetime access to the program, so you can move through it completely at your own pace.

  • 3 Weekly Coaching Calls EVERY WEEK!

    Tuesday - Group Coaching Call

    1 hour call each Tuesday where Season talks about a specific topic related to Thriving Through Cancer

    Wednesday - Open Office Hours w/ Season and Dr. Penek

    1 hour call each Wednesday where you can come and ask questions to Season & Dr. Penek

    Thursday - Open Office Hours w/ Season and Dr. Penek

    1 hour call each Thursday where you can come and ask questions to Season & Dr. Penek

  • Access to the Thrive Through Cancer Community

  • Access to Season / ability to ask direct questions

  • Access to all coaching call recordings


Michelle H.

Shannon S.

Ariadna A.

"I’ve been meaning to tell you thank you. Because without you I wouldn’t be here.

You’ve given me the tools and stepping stones. First when I was at my breaking point with Tay. I exhausted all avenues and I was lost. You held a light while in the tunnel. And now with rebuilding me.

You know better than anyone how you just can’t go backwards and you’re left after saying “now what?!"

“I took ALL THE INFORMATION and applied it.

I’m on my fifth of six rounds and I thank God for putting you and your team on my path. I know my journey would be very different otherwise.”

“The information and tools provided are unparallel to anything else out there. Providing not only thrivorship through treatment, but to assist the body in recovery as well.

My 3 year old was able to keep her energy due to a healthy diet, and she was rarely nauseated or threw up because her body was able to detox the chemicals and the cancer cells that were dying off.

We were able to create an environment that supported her healing process by clearing out the toxins in our home. And we supported her broken immune system from chemotherapy with essential oils. Avoiding medications like Miralax for constipation was a blessing due to those oils. These tools gave me my ‘Mommy Powers' back.”